From the President's Desk

The traditional Chinese calendar system does not align with the Western calendar because of its luni-solar nature, that is determined each New Year beginning on a new moon between late January to late February.  In Chinese astrology, 2015 is the year of the Wooden Goat which is described as the most comfortable groups but has a nature of being resistant to change (Retrieved February, 2015 from

As we come in the Romblon State University’s 100 years, the University has its astrological similarity with the Wooden Goat.  This academic institution has been the comfort zone for many individuals and groups who seek the level of intellectuality that has been incessantly discovering and sharing in our global community. The humble beginning as an agricultural high school now blossomed to a par excellence in higher education.

In the face of pragmatic realization, the 100 years journey of the institution created a milestone of shaping the populous of Romblon Province.  From the interesting and intriguing historical artifacts and natural resources to the known people in the national and international arena, the University has toiled its part for the niche change. Yet the decadal transformation thread in the inner and outer core of our society mirrored the micro and macro system of the Philippine historical culture, but the light that transcends in the bosom area of Romblomanon’s heart will always clear the path for the glory of our ancestors.

As we approach the century of change, the University traversed the harsh reality of dependence and underdevelopment but also of the ideological illusions that haunt and reinforce such social conditions… (One Hundred Years of Solitude of Marquez, 1970)  So deep to understand but the magical realism as the novel written six decades ago resembles the path of our cultural picture.  The metaphors of our culture reflects both fortune and misfortune of the Philippine society thru which is not anymore different to the microcosm of the University’s history.

The life and souls of those who pass by this Institution had marked the frequented and extraordinary images of founded adventure of reality.  Lessons are learned but rub on superficially, so we wonder this Centennial Celebration with hope, without decadence and full of transparent purity of objective intent.

May these 100 years of the Institution be part of history to move on for another landmark of “Siglo de Oro” - Century of Golden years

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