From the President's Desk

This is my first New Year to celebrate with the RSU family as the University President. I am hopeful and confident that the year 2013 will be more significant and meaningful, learning from our past and progressing toward what is ahead.

The year 2012 was a challenge. It was inevitable for conflicts to occur, for resistance to transformation, and for some favorable circumstances turned inauspicious. Cliché-ish as it sounded but true, these were impetus to change. These also meant that everyone wanted to be part of the progressive change that we all are aiming for - a chance to be heard and to make a difference. And so, all efforts afforded, we have earned the Transparency Seal from the Department of Budget and Management, a symbol of openness in access to public information; we have launched the University Website, a gauge of high technological connectivity to local and global opportunities; improved University infrastructure; and strengthened administrative and bureaucratic processes. These milestones would not have been done without the support of the many who were one with our goal in leading the University to excellence in academic discipline, participatory governance, agricultural technology development and environmental conservation, in consonance with PNoy’s “Tuwid na Daan” thrust.

This is just the beginning. This year 2013 is critical in creating sustainable programs. We may not have all the resources needed, but we have us, ourselves. Let us continue the efforts that we have started, initiating actions that correspond to words. Let us move toward serving the University constituents and the Romblomanon community. Let us be one in working for our Legacy. Together, we can make a great difference.

Happy New Year!

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